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Classic Leather Sturdy Sneaker
16 April 2014

My son's feet are wide, so I normally have to get a half or whole size larger. However, this is a very sturdy shoe, even after several washes in the washing machine. He has to wear this shoe with his school uniform, and it has lasted the entire year, and they still look new. Very good sneaker; will definitely continue to buy. ... read more

Zeta, Dallas, TX, USA go to product
Classic Leather I love them
27 January 2014

When I first ordered them I wasn't too sure. But after they got delivered and I wore them they blew the bout iut if the water. I would highly reccomend these too someone if they were to ask me what shoes should they get. ... read more

Diimpllesxx, Reynoldsburg, OH, USA go to product
Classic Leather Biggest Waste of Money
05 April 2013

I purchased these for my son for school shoes. Within a month the sole of one shoe was completely undone, flapping. We tried to glue it back to no avail. The store replaced them for us. The new pair has done the same thing after 4 DAYS! ... read more

Shrevemom, Shreveport, LA, USA go to product